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                                           The life and journey of St Lucia Zouks Strength and Conditioning Coach and Massage Therapist. “Fitzbert Alleyne” 
The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) continues this week with the final match in Jamaica and the beginning of the St. Lucia leg on Thursday at the Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium and seized the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Trinidadian born strength and conditioning coach and sport massage therapist Fitzbert Alleyne.
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Mr Alleyne speaks to us about his journey from Trinidad to England to working with St Lucia Zouks in Hero CPL 2016.
Alleyne, 32, has been involved in sport massage therapy and strength and conditioning for the past nine years. He hails from the city of Port of Spain, which is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. As a former athlete at the junior level he was first inspired by his peers to get involved in the field of massage therapy. His journey started when he first enrolled in the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force “Coast Guard Division” where he was identified and recruited as someone that has potential to develop into a sport massage therapist. 
Alleyne on the importance of pre and post massage therapy: “Sport massage therapy is just a specialisation version of regular massages, but, it deals with pre-competition and post competition. So in a pre-competition preparation for the athlete you do like plenty fast movement things to activate the muscles and get them very warm quickly. In the post competition aspect, you will do more things to deal with recovery (and) returning of blood back to the lymphatic nodes.
“(Whilst) flushing out the muscles, making sure that there is fresh blood and nutrition coming to the muscles (and) removing all the toxicants that is built up during the competition part of the game. (Therefore) it is really dealing with getting them prepared and also recovery.
Best advice ever received: “There has been so many advice, but, for me is just keep it simple. Just keep everything simple, never try to over complicate a situation, just take every day one step at a time, continue to work hard and be your biggest critic”.