T20 cricket was first introduced to the world in 2003. Since then it has seen a dramatic rise in its popularity. It has captured the imagination of current cricket fans, whilst attracting a whole new audience who have become addicted to the high tempo cricket and the party atmosphere.

CPL format

  • Teams
    • Each team will consist of a minimum of 15 contracted players
    • Each squad will have one (1) franchise WI player
    • Plus one (1) franchise international player
    • Maximum of four (4) international players
    • All other players will be West Indian registered
    • All teams must have a minimum of four players who are under 23 years old on their team
    • A salary cap will be in place for each team
  • Tournament
    • 2013 window: 29th July – 26th August
    • Six teams
    • 32 matches in total
    • Each team plays each other home and away
    • The team that finishes top of the league progresses to the final
    • Second and third Play off in an ‘eliminator’
    • Match times will be at 8pm during the week and 11.30am and 8pm on the weekends
    • There will be two games on both Saturdays and Sundays during the tournament
  • Winning CPL
    • CPL will offer the single largest prize fund for a sporting event in the Caribbean
    • The winners of CPL 2014 will be the Caribbean's sole representative at the much acclaimed Champions League T20 tournament

Basic rules of T20

  • 1

    Each side has one innings only and maximum of 20 over in which to bat

  • 2

    Each side has 80 minutes to bowl its 20 overs. Failure to do so will result in penalty runs being awarded

  • 3

    Bowlers can only bowl a maximum of 4 overs each

  • 4

    The team that ends up with the most runs wins the match!

  • 5

    However.. if there is a tie, with both sides having scored the same number of runs, a super over is bowled

  • 6

    The super over consists of 6 balls. Each side has to score as many runs as possible from the 6 allotted balls and the team who scores the most is the winner!